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Problem no. 1: What should be done

Who knows?
The contract we signed more than 12 years ago has many faulty paragraphs. So theoretically, the bank owes us some money. But when we tried to start negotiations with Deutsche Bank about lowering the current loan balance, the bank said that everything was ok. The main misinformation that bank uses is that we could have paid the loan in CHF from the very beginning - this is of course a lie and a manipulative tactics. We never had the possibility to pay the loan back in CHF - we were obliged to pay in PLN and the PLNs were converted to CHFs according to the bank's thievery exchange rate tables.

We can file a lawsuit.

There is a lot of dispute in the media as to who should take the responsibility for the situation of increase in the CHF exchange rate and the impact on the borrowers. And even more dispute arises due to the possibility of making contracts void on massive scale. The representatives of banks in poland are warning that if there are plenty of contracts void, it will impact negatively not just the banks, but the whole economy in our country.
So on one hand the representatives of financial institutions are terrified by the prospect of significant losses due to massive contract voidance. On the other hand, the financial institutions did use their own exchange tables in order to increase profit and they refuse to find a good solution (like returning the spreads to the clients plus interest).

The financial institutions in poland seem to take into account only one strategy: they pretend that the contracts are correct and borrowers have to keep repaying the loan, no matter that the current balance of loans derive from unfair exchange tables by the banks. And that is ok as long as people do not file lawsuits on a large scale. At the same time, they complain about the prospect of massive contract voidance and warn the polish judiciary that if courts let make most of the contracts void, the impact on the economy would be disastreous.

For us - who experienced very strange procedures in Deutsche Bank - it is obvious that such an attitude is extreme unfair. In our opinion it is not the clients who should be blamed for this situation. The following steps should be taken to keep a healthy relation between banks, economy and clients:

  • banks should return to clients all the spreads that were robbed during the loan financing as well as during loan repayment, plus interest (the money were taken and used by banks illegally) ;
  • banks should also return interest portions of every installment that was taken due to improper calculation of loan balance ;
  • the loans should be re-negotiated and converted from CHF / libor to PLN / wibor ;
  • banks presented clients the risk of exchange rates only by 20% - so maybe clients should only be responsible for 20% of increase in exchange rates? [add to contracts upper limit of client responsibility].

    There are so many options to make the contracts valid, but in our opinions banks (or, at least, DeutschE Bank) do not want to find a good solution to the problem.


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